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Chhapaak (2020)

Drama/Biography ‧ 2 hours

Director: Meghna Gulzar
Actor-Actress: Deepika Padukone, Bikrant Masse, Vaibhav Upadhyay, Payal Kapoor

Lakshmi Agarwal’s life collage, Chhapak. Where the story of how a girl’s life can be changed overnight. Lose yourself after being exposed to acid. Another man standing in front of the mirror. The war started from there. It is hard work to turn around, to punish and to prove oneself. That story has blossomed in this story.


Deepika Padukone has acted the best in her life in this film. Lakshmi Agarwal’s pain was blown on the screenwith her last bit. Not only that, but he also conveyed a new message to thousands of people. Deepika Padukone spread the dream of starting life again, the dream of love anew.


The screenplay has been carefully arranged in this film. One by one, the folds of the story are broken. The story progresses as expected. The dialogue in the film is much more relevant in terms of time. From the very beginning, the story keeps the focus. The texture of the impeccable story. It touches the mind at every step.


In the case of cinematography, the image is projected on the screen in a general way. From the very beginning, the image of a chapasa middle-class family has been presented.Nowhere is this picture exaggerated.


Meghna has caught everyone’s attention in terms of management. Very generally the story is highlightedon screen. Acid attack is a touching subject, Meghna proved how much care is needed to bring it to the screen. The film manages to capture the attention of the viewers from the very beginning.

Detailed review;  Rotten Tomatoes I IMDB


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