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The Google phone – Google Pixel 4

Studio-like photos. Without the studio.

Take studio-quality photos without the studio – no editing required. Pixel 4 is the first camera that can take a picture of the Milky Way with one tap.

The new Google Assistant.

Get more done with your voice. The new Google Assistant provides an easy and fast way to control your phone and apps on the go.

A new way to control your phone.

Motion Sense uses radar, helping you control your Pixel 4 when you’re running on the treadmill or enjoying your favorite tacos–without touching your phone.

Face unlock, made better.

Enhanced by Motion Sense, simply look at your Pixel 4 to securely unlock it, make payments, and get into apps in a flash.

Pixel 4 is the successor to the Pixel 3, and is the phone made the Google way. Its camera takes the perfect shot every time, even when it’s dark outside. The Google Assistant helps you get things done with just a squeeze – fast. Pixel 4 is also the first phone with Motion Sense, letting you use gestures to navigate without having to touch your phone. Best of all, Pixel is built around the Google software that you know and love, and it’s always getting better.

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